Why Durham’s young people should add volunteering to their to-do list

Young adults often look at volunteering as the 40 mandatory hours required to graduate secondary school, but it can be much more than that. While volunteering offers help to people and organizations in need, it can also offer a variety of personal benefits for the volunteer. Volunteering allows people to gain experience and develop skills that can be transferred into the workforce. It provides the individual an opportunity to sprout roots in their community by building strong relationships with local businesses and community members.

In an increasingly competitive world, it can be hard to stand out — volunteering is a great way to do so.

There are tons of organizations in need of volunteers. Whether it’s greeting guests at registration, selling raffle tickets or being a part of the planning committee, volunteers are a fundamental part of an event’s success.

For opportunities in your community, a great place to start is by checking out your local chamber of commerce, board of trade, business improvement area (BIA) or Rotary Club.

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce (WCC) is a non-profit organization fuelled by membership, sponsorship and events. Hosting more than 80 annual events, the chamber provides it membership and the community with a variety of opportunities to volunteer. For more information about the WCC and ways you can get involved, email us at info@whitbychamber.org.

Rylie Wilton, Event Management Coordinator, Whitby Chamber of Commerce

Originally published on durhamregion.com.