GTA East Airport Ready

What would access to an international airport do for you and your business?

The purpose of this page is to ensure we collectively gain a better understanding and appreciation of business development opportunities pertaining to building an airport in Pickering. The enclosed reports provide you with an overview of the opportunities for jobs, commercial and industrial tax base the opportunity to attract new technologies and globally connect businesses.

There are 9,600 acres of designated federal airport lands in Pickering. Development of a modern, sustainable airport offers opportunities for investment in research and development. It would support international connectivity and provide space for aviation services. These lands are located just north of Highway 407. A white paper, Capacity Where It Counts: The GTA East Airport at Pickering outlines the opportunities of an airport in Pickering. An economic analysis, Pickering Airport Study: Why Invest in Pickering? discusses economic development on the federal airport lands.


KPMG Aviation Sector Analysis shows future need for Pickering airport

The regions of Durham and York, in addition to the City of Pickering, are encouraged by the projected need for an airport in Pickering by 2036, as noted in the KPMG Aviation Sector Analysis released by the Transport Canada.

Executive summaries:


Let’s collectively raise our voices, and tell our MP candidates during this 2019 federal election year that this airport and employment hub is critical to Durham’s future. Let’s challenge them to make Durham the next economic engine of Canada!

“ The Federal Airport Lands in Pickering represent an unprecedented opportunity to simultaneously strengthen Canada’s global competitiveness, capitalize on Ontario’s investment in the 407, and unleash Durham’s economic potential.”

“An innovative airport could be planned as a carbon-neutral focal point of an emerging sector employment hub, developed in partnership with agriculture and our post-secondary institutions.”

- John Henry, Durham Regional Chair and CEO

Visit the City of Pickering's website to learn more about what an airport means for Pickering’s future and how it can drive economic growth and job creation in Durham Region.