The Business Summit

Each year the Whitby Chamber of Commerce celebrates business in our community with a day-long conference. The Business Summit features inspiring speakers and panelists that leave attendees feeling informed and inspired.

In addition to a lineup of inspiring speakers, this event also highlights local business. Contact us for more information and for sponsorship opportunities. Be a leader in our community by supporting this annual event!

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This year's summit focused on how much stamina, creativity and recalibration a business requires daily. Like an iceberg you see the top; the business idea, product or service. But beneath the waterline lives significant resilience, reinvention and a drive to succeed – slowly and methodically.

We explored how resilient businesses succeed, and celebrate our collective ability to reinvent, innovate and create.  We believed this conversation is timely, given these capabilities are not only required every day but were crucial skills to harness over the last 2 years.

"Congratulation! The Business Summit was fabulous. Thank you for all of your efforts. The topic of the Business Summit was timely. The program content and facilitation were excellent. Content and background graphics were organized and professional."  - John Draper, Founder, Together We Rock! Inc.

Check out the 2019 Business Summit video below.