Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resource Centre

Welcome to our Whitby Chamber of Commerce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resource Centre!

As a small to medium enterprise, it can be difficult to find information on how best to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization. We’ve taken the first step by curating this library of free resources, chosen specifically for a business audience. Resources are organized by topic, and each one can be used alone or alongside other resources. We welcome our membership feedback and resources you’d like to recommend. Thank you!

These resources were sourced in 2021 and at that time were in the public domain. A review will be done annually to update this listing, and our DEI Committee will continue to update content for the business community to leverage. If you represent a resource listed here and do not wish it to be used, please contact info@whitbychamber.org to have it removed.  In addition, if you’d like to recommend a resource be added, please contact info@whitbychamber.org our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee will review your recommendation.