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May 31, 2022

Hey Whitby Chamber of Commerce members, do you know that you can save money with your membership? Check out this link from our membership center on our website: Save Money – Whitby Chamber of Commerce! Our partners offer point of sale, banking discounts, along with savings in shipping, office requirements including benefits for your staff. Read More

A Broadband Update – April 2022

April 19, 2022

Firstly, I am glad that we live in Canada where free and unbridled access to the Internet is a basic human right. Even granted that Canada has ongoing geographical and technological challenges to provide high grade Internet to all rural and remote communities. I would not swap this situation for the current autocratic and Orwellian Read More

Everyone Needs a Cheerleader

April 4, 2022

Starting a business is hard. Launching one during a pandemic is a challenge. Building and sustaining growth during lockdowns is nearly impossible. That is our story at The UPS Store in Brooklin. After several years of thinking about going into business for ourselves, for me and my wife 2020 was the right time, despite it Read More

Ontario Chamber Network’s Advocacy Series in March 2022

March 15, 2022

Earlier this month Peter Garrett and I had an opportunity to attend the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Advocacy Series.  Chamber leaders across Ontario discussed business and community challenges and solutions.  Sessions were held with each of the four political parties in Ontario that hold seats in Ontario’s legislature. Each of the sessions offered an opportunity Read More

Whitby Chamber of Commerce’s 2nd Annual Black History Month Event – RISE UP!

March 11, 2022

On February 2, 2022 the Whitby Chamber of Commerce held its second annual Black History Month Event. The theme for this year was RISE UP!  Inspired by the Andra Day song, a song that became an anthem to a movement of change, equality, hope and empowerment. A song that inspired and uplifted so many with Read More

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