Decoding disruption

Disruption is one of the latest trendy buzz words in business. But what does it really mean?

At the Whitby Chamber of Commerce we have concluded that disruption at its core means executing innovation successfully, or translating new ideas into improving services and customer experiences. There are many innovative businesses in Durham Region, as well as organizations to help fuel these efforts, but some of their innovations might not be as exciting or obvious as others. Could disruption be innovation on a scale that has never been seen before?

Linked intrinsically to innovation, technology is often utilized to dramatically change business processes or products, therefore elevating the customer experience. How and when is that innovation considered disruptive? The chamber’s solution is to celebrate and explore innovative thinking. It breeds creativity, employee engagement, business longevity and the creation of new business! And that’s what we’re all about.

Help us decode what disruption might mean to you or your business this fall at The Business Summit on Wednesday, Oct. 2. For more information about this full-day conference, visit

– Natalie Prychitko, Chief Executive Officer, Whitby Chamber of Commerce

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