Savings partners!

Hey Whitby Chamber of Commerce members, do you know that you can save money with your membership? Check out this link from our membership center on our website: Save Money – Whitby Chamber of Commerce! Our partners offer point of sale, banking discounts, along with savings in shipping, office requirements including benefits for your staff. Employee retention is crucial, and with benefits through HMA you receive small rates that are flexible for all business shapes and sizes.

But there is more! Check out our FanSaves app to explore offers from our members to save more money. The app is free to download for you and your employees! And you can also use FanSaves to offer your own monthly promotions to consumers and/or members! Member 2 Member Savings – Whitby Chamber of Commerce. What a unique way to get you member to member discounts out to our membership and to each other!

If you have any questions, please email me at We can always review the benefits of membership and how you and your staff can save money.


Lorna McGhee,

Engagement and Outreach Manager