Regional Chair John Henry meets with Advocacy Committee

On behalf of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce’s (WCC) Advocacy Committee, I would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to Durham Regional Chairman John Henry for sharing his time with us. A special thanks also to Simon Gill, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for his insight.

These are extraordinary and challenging times, and we appreciate being able to have a conversation around regional measures to support citizens, front line workers, business and industry.

Working through this pandemic while trying to keep regional supports operational is challenging. Under Chair Henry’s leadership, regional staff are managing to ensure needed services continue, whether that is EMS or police, water quality or public health. Continued advocacy with Provincial and Federal government around economic supports for business and citizens is equally important and knowing these conversations are ongoing is greatly appreciated.

The collaboration and the ingenuity of our business community is a shining example of what makes Whitby and Durham Region so special. So many have stepped up to offer support and those efforts are invaluable. Thank you Chair Henry for your ongoing leadership and we will continue to work with you and your office collaboratively through this challenging time.

– Chris Bovie, Chair, Whitby Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee