Networking and the Whitby Chamber

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce creates many events to encourage networking amongst its members.

These networking events are instrumental in growing your business locally. As long-standing Whitby Chamber member, Edward Lam says, “if you don’t go, you don’t grow“.

Shaun Bernstein of Write Stuff Agency, recently attended a Chamber on Tap event and shared, “I met a new contact who’s become influential to my business. We’ve since become close friends and refer each other business, but never would have connected without the Chamber. Chamber events are a great opportunity to share your story, and you never know who’s listening!”

Our members have a lot to say on the topic of networking. We gathered notes and asked several of the 600+ members how they felt about how the Whitby Chamber of Commerce facilitates business networking. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“I’m always promoting the Whitby Chamber to everyone I meet. I believe that when businesses participate they will become very connected in the community. The team are very helpful, fun and are proactive in hosting events to keep everyone engaged.” – Pam Derry, Durham Radio

“The Whitby Chamber was instrumental to my development as an up-and-coming businessman. They provided me with great opportunities for learning and networking in the local business community and many of their members are super awesome people as well.” -Andrew Valyear, Uplynk

“Today I attended the Connect Women – Leadership Redefined event. Amazing agenda filled with inspiring and authentic speakers – great networking opportunity too. Huge value-add. Thanks WCC!” – Jennifer Alsop, Ontario Tech University

“Sign-up for a membership! If you are business in the area, and are looking for a cost-effective way to promote your services – this is a no-brainer. The Whitby Chamber of Commerce is an amazing hub – engaged, relevant, and builds solid, meaningful connections. See you at the next meeting! #pinchinltd #environmentalservices #supportinglocal” – Mike Chester, Pinchin Ltd.

“The new members’ event was great, and I’ve made some amazing connections already! I love how active the Chamber is!” – Julie Achtermeier, Lauft

We could go on and on…

Those are some powerful statements from Whitby Chamber members. Check out an event and see for yourself how networking at Whitby Chamber of Commerce events can be beneficial to you and your organization.

See you at the next event!

– Jennifer Alsop, Strategic Partnership Officer – Ontario Tech University

– Joel Davies, Co-Founder at Render Developments