Joining the Whitby Chamber During the Pandemic

I am relatively new to the Whitby Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been a member for less than a year and only know members from this new, virtual-focused world.

You would think that a reason to join the Chamber would be the networking opportunities….and while these are always better in person, the Whitby Chamber has gone above and beyond to ensure our members are connected.

I joined the Chamber after completing a 40-year career in corporate communications. I am now a local communications consultant.  I am a multi-award-winning strategic marketing and communications executive who strives for the best solutions for everyone.  I do this be blending traditional media, digital platforms, and social networking.  Thanks to the Chamber, the profile for my business, and myself, has grown tremendously.

Check out my website for more information:

I am tapped in locally as well.  I was asked to be part of the Chamber’s Advocacy Committee, as well as serving as Chair of the Town of Whitby’s Brooklin Downtown Business Development Committee. Today, most of my freelance work has come from the people I have met through the Chamber.  So even in quasi-retirement, I’m keeping busy.

Why should you join the Chamber?  Well, it really is a family of “like minded” people; entrepreneurs and local business leaders who are there to be a source and resource for you.

Want to make the most of your membership: then you should attend the meetings, workshops, and social events.  While they have been great virtually, I can’t wait to meet all of you for real in person sometime soon.  If my experience with the Chamber to date has been great, it will only get better.

– Steve Kee is a multi-award winning strategic marketing and communications executive.