Have You Attended a Java Jolt?

“I love our Java Jolts because it’s a great opportunity for various community businesspeople to share ideas about topics that affect us all! I’ve seen topics that I didn’t think we’re going to be important to many people become some of our best conversations! It’s a powerful way to connect with people and an awesome way to start the workday!”

– Kim Susands, one of our Java Jolt Moderators.

Are you interested in making long-lasting connections? Try our Java Jolt meetings twice a month in two different locations for your convenience. Javas were developed many years ago and continue as a casual get together over a morning coffee with like-minded people. Find a mentor, support and refer: this event remains successful because our moderators and attendees find great value.

Java Jolt is an event that remains free for chamber members, and guests are welcome. Our moderators choose the topic of the day, and everyone contributes to the conversation. Including introducing yourself and your business!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can leverage this event, feel free to reach out to me directly and look for our many events to help drive your business on our events calendar Whitby Chamber of Commerce Events.  Don’t forget for Java Jolts you now need to register!

– Lorna McGhee, Manager of Engagement and Outreach, Whitby Chamber of Commerce