Get the most from your membership – from day one. Here’s how!

Congratulations and welcome to new members! You’ve made a fantastic choice by joining the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and now its time to make your membership work for you.

It is human nature to seek input and guidance from the people in our lives who are like-minded and/or face similar situations and choices that need to be made. We encourage (maybe more like insist) that new members attend the New Member Open House so you can hear from our team, and most importantly other WCC members, on how to make your membership work the best for you.

Not sure what questions to ask? Here’s a few to get you started:

  • What member services should I choose?
  • What savings opportunities can I leverage?
  • I’m really busy, what events should I attend to have the most impact on my business?
  • Who should I reach out to with questions?
  • How has being a member impacted others and their businesses?

Bring all your questions and join us at the New Member Open House on Tuesday, March 29, beginning at 9 am. Click here to register!



Jennifer Alsop

Membership Committee member