Calling All WCC Members! – 2023 Advocacy Survey

Last month, Whitby Chamber of Commerce launched the 2023 Advocacy Survey to collect feedback from our members, which will in-turn inform and support our plans for the coming year(s). The survey aims to learn:

  1. member’s business needs and challenges,
  2. the impact and success of WCC programming, and
  3. member’s prioritization of and position on various advocacy efforts.

Expected to take less than 10 min, the survey is a direct opportunity for members to advise WCC on their business conditions and the feedback allows our Board and Committees to make data-based decisions in the interest of our business community.

Over the years the Chamber has collaborated with allied organizations and has influenced policy on various levels of government thanks to our engaged membership. In this ever-changing economy and with new legislations regularly shifting the business landscape WCC works to ensure our members are considered and advocated for, and the survey empowers those efforts.

The annual surveys also allow us to track and assess the Chamber’s progress throughout the years; and on our 95th anniversary, we’re even more excited to see what you, our members, have to say.

So please take a moment to fill out our annual survey and help us plan and implement future programming and advocacy efforts that speak to your business’ needs. The survey closes March 31st, 2023.


– Preeti Sangwan, Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Whitby Chamber of Commerce