Benefits of Networking with the Whitby Chamber of Commerce

Networking is an essential tool when owning and operating a business. Not only does it provoke new relationships, it provides you and your business with endless opportunities for growth. Ideally, an entrepreneur should always be networking in and out of the office. Engaging in regular events generates new information, ideas, contacts and many other advantages. Connecting with other businesses is a great way to introduce yourself and your company and promoting in your local area is a good start!

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce provides an excellent setting for businesses to interact with one another in the Durham Region. Networking doesn’t have to be hardwork or daunting. The Whitby Chamber provides a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere where business people can be creative, brainstorm new ideas and build professional relationships. Guest speakers are also invited on a regular basis to share their experiences and success stories. Your business is sure to see a growth in revenue with increased supplier and customer connections while supporting other businesses and your community. Check out the list below to see how networking can benefit your company.

5 Key Benefits:

1. Knowledge
Knowledge is power! By visiting the Whitby Chamber of Commerce meetings you will share experiences and ideas with other attendees. Increasing knowledge, wisdom and experience motivates and inspires owners to achieve greater success.

2. Connection
Connections are everything. At these meetings, you will create business relationships, exchange contact information and generate countless opportunities. Referrals are the best form of compliment so establishing great connections will keep your business on top.

3. Opportunity
When opportunity knocks, answer! By simply engaging and interacting, opportunities are endless when promoting your business. The Whitby Chamber of Commerce teaches you how to recognize and capitalize on these opportunities as they are presented. Use these advantages and see what positive changes happen to your company.

4. Confidence
Confidence is key! Expanding comfort zones by regular networking, public speaking and schmoozing will increase confidence. Whether it be leading business teams or conducting sales, confidence is essential. At the Chamber, there are many ways to build your poise and own the spotlight!

5. Profile
Build your profile. Knowledge, connection, opportunity and confidence will raise the bar for your business profile. Establishing professional relationships and creating great impressions allows your company to build a positive reputation. Create your own impact in the community and manifest a force everyone talks about.

The Whitby Chamber of Commerce prides itself on hosting fun and enthusiastic meetings. Yes, fun! Owners alike gather and discuss new and exciting ideas, share stories, and much more. Professional and personal relationships are made and the benefits for these alliances are proven to be successful. Come and join the meetings to see the countless benefits for yourself. You and your business will NOT regret it. See you there!

Find opportunities to network!

– Dean Smalley, Whitby Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors and President, Unique Media Solutions