Attending the 2021 OCC AGM and Policy Resolution Debate

The 2021 Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) AGM and Policy Resolution Debate took place again virtually, on May 5, 2021, and I was proud to represent our business members at this virtual event. Kudos to the OCC team that created an engaging space, allowing for debate, discussion and voting capabilities all in real-time. And congratulations to the many CEOs, Executive Directors and Board Presidents that attended this two-day meeting to ensure the community’s short and long-term business needs remained a priority.

Among the 33 resolutions, we voted on included supporting the construction sector, creating a Provincial pandemic-response strategy and plan, creating a responsible business protocol and raising tax credits for Ontario charities to a competitive level, just to name a few. This pause and investment in time was well-worth the outcome: knowing our business representatives remain focused on key priorities for maintaining business strength and success in the province while working towards a successful recovery.

Shout-out to the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade that authored a resolution to support Ontario’s diverse business community that we happily co-sponsored!

The link to the proposed resolutions 2021 OCC AGM Proposed Policy RESOLUTIONS Compendium allows you to review the depth and breadth of those debated. Although there were edits made and someone withdrew while another defeated, it provides you with the context of how your individual membership impacts all businesses in the Province. Check back to the OCC website for the completed resolutions with the edits accepted.

Both short and long-term advocacy remains a priority for our team, Board and Advocacy Committee. Our member volunteers are a critical component of our success and for that, we thank you. For more information about our advocacy efforts, check out our Chamber Advocacy page and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

– Natalie Prychitko, CEO, Whitby Chamber of Commerce