The Whitby Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Survey 2021

The Advocacy Committee is here to support the business health of all members of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce (WCC). We organize our efforts as a Committee to reflect the priorities that are presented to us by you as our members. The Chamber works with other Chambers and Boards of Trade in Durham Region and beyond to amplify the impact of our socio-economic development policies. That is why the WCC’s annual Advocacy Survey is so critical to our planning and advocacy strategies.

The impact of the pandemic with all the medical emergencies, PPE, health restrictions and lockdowns has severely reduced the ability of many businesses to operate and survive. Goldman Sachs has stated that 2021 will eventually herald a “Vaccine led Recovery.” To aid economic recovery for Whitby and Durham Region, among other things, it will require a strong advocacy effort from a coalition of business stakeholders. Please complete the Advocacy Survey 2021 and let us incorporate your views into a Region-wide advocacy action plan.

The submission deadline for the Advocacy Survey is March 26, 2021.

– Ernest Ogunleye, Owner, EON Performance Solutions and member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee.