International Women’s Day

The other day I was listening to a podcast where the speaker was stating that having vulnerabilities is a good thing. Our vulnerabilities makes us stronger. It is definitely a different angle to my thought process. I always thought that my vulnerabilities held me back.

My art history teacher back in university said something that has stuck with me to this day, “Our past is our past we need to stop blaming people or circumstances from our past, focus on the now”. We are responsible for our own present and future.

Somethings comes with ease to us women, and others are a real struggle. Whether it is stepping up a ladder in the corporate world, politics or any other roles we women are brave enough to aspire in todays society.  We still ask ourselves, what is holding us back? Often enough the real reason women get held back is when they are suppressed by their circumstances or start weighing too much in to their vulnerabilities.

The juice of it all is, we women are very powerful and we need to realize our power. Women are shaping the world and bringing the real change, we bring the unique perspective to the table. A positive mindset and the pragmatic viewpoint towards everything can make our surroundings thrive.

Here is my observation to success and below is my easy checklist, a summary of what I have learned from all the good influences around me, from the women who have shaped me and are enlightening me every day.

Women are vessels we absorb everything around us.

Positivity – Sometimes its hard to find but a little bit goes a long way
Perseverance – Believe in your self
Kindness – Pay it forward
Leadership – Lead by example
Legacy – Leave a legacy. What will be your yours?
Hard work – Will always pay off
Respect your own – Women support Women
Embrace your vulnerabilities – Our vulnerabilities are our strength
Impact of your words – Words have power, they can melt glaciers.

I am a true believer of sitting down and talking, it eliminates misunderstandings and strengthens relationships. In a post pandemic world I feel we need to go back to the basics.

The world around us can be frustrating and there is anger, so lets learn how to take it all in and react with the best possible outcomes in mind.

Women will not remain empowered if we do not support our own. We need to live as role models for generations to come. I see around us, opportunities where women can create a thriving environment full of optimism. With this attitude I am certain we will give true empowerment to Women.

Lets look at a lens of opening up our minds to the endless possibilities we can achieve together to bring real ‘Em’ to power.

In reference: keeping with Ontario Tech University’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and the Office of Research Services (ORS)


*Anytime we refer to “women”, we are referring to all women, which includes, but is not limited to trans women, gender non-conforming women, non-binary women, individuals who are feminine of centre, femmes and cisgender women.


– Maleeha Shahid, Deputy Mayor, Town of Whitby