International Women’s Day Message

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, in traditional fashion, I join the rest of the world in celebrating the unfathomable contributions and accomplishments of our women.

As men, our participation in activities observing International Women’s Day must be driven by purely altruistic motives. In fact, as men we have an individual responsibility to protect and defend our women, and to be the greatest advocates against any acts of injustice, gender bias and inequality they may face.

They say, “behind every successful man is a strong woman” however, in front of every man is a strong woman, that came before himself. It is because of women, life comes to be, structure is created, love is learnt and nurtured. Women are the worlds superheroes, as they are the reason for life itself. They actively and selflessly work to #BreakTheBias, for the betterment of all.

We see daily the positive impact of the contributions of women at all levels in our organizations. They continue to demonstrate that they have the right fortitude, insight and work ethic to drive the success of our businesses if given the opportunity, but we must provide the platform. We must create a world where our differences are not only valued, but celebrated. Too often our women are neglected, disregarded, or completely removed from rooms and conversations that directly impact them. We must break the bias and allow the voices of our women to echo loudly across corporate Canada.

As Founder & CEO of ITS Global, I take pride in the knowledge that through our recruitment services, we ensure everyday that women are not only offered a seat at the table, but also that they are compensated fairly for their efforts, because we believe in equal pay and equal opportunity for all genders.

The responsibility to break the bias lies with all of us. We must eliminate the need to be the voice of women and instead allow women the right to use their own voices. Let us change our view of women in business from holding positions of assistants and secretaries to that of fellow leaders and directors. Only after we create work environments that foster diversity and inclusivity for genders, can we truly #breakthebias.


Happy International Women’s Day,


– Ross Cadastre, Founder & CEO – Innovative Talent Solutions Inc. and member of the WCC DEI Committee