Black History Month

In 2021, the Whitby Chamber of Commerce (WCC) hosted its inaugural Black History Month event, Growth, Promise & Beyond. Through this event, the WCC hoped to inspire growth within itself and the business community, as well as continue the conversation through the month of February and beyond.


The 2023 theme is Creating Community! Let's reimagine our history, by creating a new identity built upon hope, achievement, contribution and success and serve as a power of example for others in our business community and beyond. It's time to embark on this journey from a place of collaboration, unity and trust, and acknowledge the opulence, achievements and rich contributions of black community business members. 

Join us for an event like no other. An opportunity for all of us, regardless of cultural background to collaborate, share, learn and grow.

To learn more about the lineup of inspiring speakers and to register visit the event page.

Contact us for more information and for sponsorship opportunities.